Monday, November 20, 2006

Findings; Investigation at Belleville's Tyler Rd. Cemetary

The team, (6 people at this particular event), met at about 8:30pm and discussed the case.
The cemetary has been around since 1837 and is a very active place, paranormally speaking. The cemetary is on a couple of national directories of haunted spots and among other activity is a full body apparition of a little girl who appears before a headstone which reads "Our Dear Janey".
We left our appointed meeting spot and traveled the short distance to the cemetary. It's a relatively small cemetary, probably about an acre in total size with a U shaped, single lane dirt road that runs through it.
We parked in the back, jumped out of our vehicles and began to set up our equipment.
Everyone was carrying digital cameras and we also had a video camera with nightvision capability, as well as digital voice recorder.
We paired off in twos and each sub group went off on their own.
Michelle and I decided to walk to the front area of the graveyard.
It took about an hour for any orbs to start to show up, (pretty common).
One of the other teams was getting orbs with practically every shot.
My camera seemed to be malfunctioning; I had it on auto focus and it was having trouble doing so.
So, setting the focus by hand I began taking pictures. No orbs for me that I could see right away.
Now, it was about 40°F out and there was no breeze at all.
There were a few areas of the cemetary that were distinctly colder. We estimated the tempreture drop to be 15° different.
And you could literally put your hand into the cold spot and move it a matter of inches and have it warmer again.
About an hour and a half into the investigation, with activity picking up we decided to employ the use of the digital voice recorder. We gathered at the front area again and placed the recorder so it was in a secure spot. We then began asking questions, and leaving a pause for any possible EVP answers.
There was a lull in question asking so I spoke up and asked "Janey, are you with us?". Everyone stiffened as what sounded like a baby cry was heard. It came again... and again...
It turned out to be a black cat that b-lined to us from the very back of the graveyard.
The cat was not interested in food and seemed to zero in on Shelly, who was getting all of the orb pics. It jumped on her several times and was vocal the entire time it was with us. It just seemed odd.
One of the investigators caught an orb in motion on the video camera, a good ten second clip.
During all of this we eventually went on taking more pictures. Shelly continued to get orbs, and I was getting a little frustrated because I thought I wasn't getting anything.
In my head I shouted, "C'mon.. show ME something" and I snapped a pic. It revealed what is known as ectoplasm; a foglike substance that is commonly associated with a spirit trying to manifest itself.
I had only taken a step and saw this on the back of my camera. I immediately took another shot and it was gone.
However, it wasn't long before I got two more shots of it, and several orbs.
We spent a half hour to forty-five minutes trying to dispell it as something else.
As I mentioned it was 40° so one's breath could be seen. But as much as we tried we could not duplicate in any way the pictures I had. Not even with the breath coming directly in front of the lens.
We wrapped it up shortly before midnight due to the amount of evidence we knew we had as well as the chilly temps.

Below you will find my orb shots as well as the three images of ectoplasm.

Large orb.

Smaller orbs

Ectoplasm creeping in from the top

Two orbs in the center of the shot

More ectoplasm...

An incredible amount of ectoplasm followed by a shot taken less than a second later showing none

Friday, November 17, 2006

Tyler Cemetary, Belleville, MI...

is the site of tonight's paranormal investigation. Look for pictures and a report in the next few days!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For November, it looks like we have one cemetary and two home hauntings to investigate. The first of these investigations will occur on November 10th. More to come soon.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This blog becomes my diary of experiences, photos and feelings exploring the potentially paranormal sites visited by the Michigan Paranormal Socitey, to which I lend my photgraphic experience.
Journey with me into the known, but not acknowledged. The veiled dimension.
The 'other side'.

I've not received any assignment yet, but I expect that will come this next weekend.

Stay Tuned...